Data entry formats

The following input-output delivery formats will give out valuable client’s better idea about how to send and receive their crucial data based information:

Input Format

If you are looking to outsource any data entry service like manual data entry, offline data entry, image entry, book entry, hand written entry, Card entry and legal document entry then you can send us your crucial files via the internet (email as ZIP files, RTF files, TIFF files, PDF file or as CSV files). You can send hard copy also we will convert them in to digital form or any other format that suits your needs. We also convert your paper-based data into electronic format.

Output Format

When it comes to data format, we are flexible. Some of typical format in which we can deliver the data are:

1. Database Format
2. Excel Format (*.xls)
3. Word Format (*.doc)
4. Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
5. MS Access Format (*.mdb)
6. Text Format (*.txt)
7. HTML Format (*.html)
9. Binary of any other type you need.
Data Conversion Service

Alarity provide a collection of links to utilities for the conversion of software data. Data entry process converts PDF , word processors, typesetters, all kind of document formats and paper into XML, SGML, HTML and other structured formats. Alarity offers all kinds of data conversion services such as:

1.Document Conversion
2.XML Conversion
3.SGML Conversion
4.HTML Conversion
5.Catalog Conversion
6.Book Conversion
7.PDF Conversion
8.We can convert data into any of the following formats:
a. Excel Worksheets
b. FoxPro
c. DataBase
d. Text Files (ASCII, .CSV etc.)

The Final Output

1.Via Internet e-mail
2.FTP upload
3.CD-R and CD-W
4.We produce output in whatever format you required including plain text, database, excel and mark-up languages like HTML, SGML and XML or any other format that suits your firm.